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What is this book about?

A wonderful, easy to follow guide taking you through the crucial steps to unlock a dream, turn it into reality and as a result mimick the joy of the dream.

Aimed at business and built on the analogy of adventure riding, its application is limitless.  Design your adventure, formulate the means, build confidence and go to work knowing all the bases have been covered.

"Geared For Adventurous Business"
The Book:

This book is about courage.

Many of us fantasise about starting a business. Dreaming about it is the easy part. It’s the actual taking of the first step that requires the most courage - moving into the seemingly dark unknown can be very scary!

One of the main fears about starting a business is that initially, it seems there is so much we don’t know about the potential adventure. And that is what starting and running a business should be likened to, an extreme adventure.

The more that is known about oneself and the adventure, the more the odds are in one’s favour. If the time for a new adventure has arrived then this book is for you.

Author biography:

Louis leads a full and rewarding lifestyle.  As one of the lucky ones who loves his career, he is constantly motivated and energised.  Facilitating team, individual and organisational development programmes for his company The ‘Ripple’ Effect keeps him on his toes as no two assignments are the same.  New material and approaches are always required. 

Louis strives for balance and shares a home in the beautiful Riebeek Valley with his wife Caroline.  The property includes the ‘Ripple’ Adventurous Business Centre (ABC) where they host a wide range of corporate workshops and personal retreats.

The adventure that inspired this book is one of many adventures tackled in his lifetime.  What has been captured in “Geared for Adventurous Business” is no matter the  adventure, making adventurous dreams come true requires a systematic approach.

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